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Bonetown 1.1.1 Update And No Cd Crack fedrquen




A couple days ago we talked about how the Farm Girl had gained a bit of a reputation on the server as a bit of a boss. She was not actually that hard but the way she was being played at the time did tend to make her a bit harder than she really is. That might change tonight when we play against her for the first time. If we are able to kill her, hopefully the players will learn that she is really not that hard and maybe find some new ways to play her. In another update we also talked about how the Farm has been in a bit of a slump in recent matches. We don't want this slump to continue and to prove it, we will be making some changes to the Farm tonight. One change we will be making is we will increase the amount of points the Farm can earn from the Gold Pack now that the Farm's attributes have changed. The points earned from the Gold Pack will vary a bit based on your Farm class but on average your Farm will earn roughly half as many points from the Gold Pack now. This will give the Farm a chance to be a bit more competitive with other classes now. Another thing we will be changing is the super attack. When the Farm was developed, we thought the super attack would be more effective in helping the Farm. In fact, it was the reason we developed the Farm in the first place. However, the super attack was a bit overpowering and killed people too quickly. This was a little bit disappointing because as a Farm we wanted to be more of a utility class than just a "kill em all" class. For that reason, we will be increasing the power of the super attack, but it will not be quite as overwhelming. The Farm will now also get their super attack whenever they shoot an arrow. We will also be adjusting the level cap on the Farm for this round of matches. It will now be increased to level 80. This will provide the Farm with another method to build up attributes and it will give the Farm some time to build up attributes while we develop some new abilities. We will have more details on how the Farm is going to be changed in an upcoming post. We will be following up with a video to show how the Farm will play and what you can expect with the changes




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Bonetown 1.1.1 Update And No Cd Crack fedrquen

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